Thursday, September 22, 2011


In spite of a summer of record breaking heat, July drought, followed by August rain, and then my hurricane, the garden harvest came throught it all. This lunchtime delight is a beefsteak tomato, lemon cucumber, lime basil and french olive oil salad.

CANIDAE LUPUS # 16, 15x11"

One of my pastel drawings of wolves has found a new home on the online exhibition BLACK AND WHITE. The image also links to my website.

RAW TANGO # 36, 4x6 inches

This work is one of my series of RAW TANGO paintings and drawings.It has gone on the road travelling to Siena, Italy for the exhibition DRAWN TOGETHER opening September 24, 2011 at the Siena Art Institute. The drawing will enter the permanent collection of the Institute. The exhibit will be posted on the internet soon after the opening.